STI is committed to facilitate wide export services for account of small and medium size exporters of peanuts, pulses (black and white beans), popcorn, green peas, chickpeas, honey, sunflower seeds, raisins, wine musts, olives and olive oil, frozen and/or refrigerated beef and beef offals and other regional products, to meet the continuing strong demand in major consumer countries. STI global operations rely on its extensive know-how in the supply chain, export risk management and many years’ experience in international trading, thus offering a valuable, beneficial vehicle for suppliers and exporters. Through operating and commercial offices in the USA and South America STI has established links in major consumer countries in Europe and Asia. STI has strong historical connections with buyers of edible commodities in 42 countries, amounting annually to multimillion dollar transactions.
STI provides superior quality and satisfactory services to international sellers and buyers of regional edible commodities in time sensitive and most efficient way. All trading export and collection services are subject to rigorous documentary processing and controls aimed at providing the high quality standards demanded by customers worldwide.

SOUTHERN TRADE INTERNATIONAL services are primarily dedicated to:

Peanuts (Runner and blanched varieties)

Pulses (black and white beans)


Green Peas



Sunflower seeds

Frozen or refrigerated
Beef and Beef offals

Wine musts

Olives and Olive oil